Line Cook

Job Summary: Prepares food and delivers exceptional guest service at our food and beverage outlets.
Primary Duties & Responsibilities:
Performs proper receiving, thawing, storage and location, proportioning, prep area sanitation, heating, holding, and re-heating product (including sauces, soups, salad bar items, lunch, dinner, and produce).
Demonstrates proper use of dry and liquid measure and scales.
Uses kitchen manuals and recipe files.
Uses production guide and daily inventory and ordering procedure.
Prepares and serves food as requested by guests.
Practices proper raw product quality and standards for food production.
Be able to identify all raw product by sight.
Washes, peels, cuts, and seeds vegetables and fruits.
Cleans, cuts, and grinds meats, poultry, and seafood.
Dips food items in crumbs, flour, and batter to bread them.
Stirs and strains soups and sauces.
Weighs and measures designated ingredients.
Carries pans, kettles, and trays of food to and from work stations, stove, and refrigerator.
Assists with dishes and pots/pans in the absence of a steward.
Preps an adequate amount of food to run the line efficiently, using proper storage and dating procedures.
Stores foods in designated areas, utilizing knowledge of temperature requirements and food spoilage.
Cleans work areas, equipment and utensils, segregates and removes garbage, sweeps and mops the line, and steam-cleans or hoses garbage containers.
Attends all meetings and/or training sessions as required.
May handle cash transactions, accept bills and makes change.
May prepare paperwork when change is needed for the bank.
May operate a cash register/POS (Point of Sale) system, ringing in the proper amount into the register and giving the guest the correct change; accounts for all cash, charge and complimentary sales according to established policies and procedures; maintains the integrity of all financial controls and responsibility.
May assist supervisor with bank verification and end of shift revenue.
Performs all other duties as assigned within the scope of work.
Upholds Odawa Casino Mission statement in all aspects of position:
We create excitement and memories.
We create a culture that provides:
1. A fun, rewarding, safe, and consistent environment for our Team Members.
2. A warm reception, welcoming environment, and friendly atmosphere.
3. An optimal entertainment experience through exceptional service.
4. Support for the Waganakising Odawak values through Wisdom, Love, Respect, Bravery, Honesty, Humility, and Truth.
5. A contribution and connection to the community.
Preference: Applies to Native Americans in accordance with applicable tribal law.
Job Requirements:
Minimum Qualifications:
Ability to read, write legibly, understand and speak English and be at least 18 years of age. Minimum of one (1) year experience in the service industry or an equivalent combination of education and experience. Must have knowledge of proper use of all kitchen equipment used in prep procedures. Must know the importance and demonstrate use of rotation (First In First Out?FIFO) system. Responsible for producing proper raw products in to a quality finished product according to pre-determined standards for food preparation. Must have knowledge of compound dressings, sauces and salads. Must have proper knowledge of fresh meat, poultry and seafood handling and proper meat roasting procedures. You may be required to pass a skills assessment test to determine if you meet the minimum qualifications of the position. Must be able to stand for extended periods of time. Ability to count and make change and cash register/POS (Point of Sale) system experience is a plus.Frequent bending, stooping, reaching, pushing and pulling. Exposure to loud and continual noise levels and a smoke filled environment. Must be flexible with shift and days off. Must maintain confidentiality at all times. Must be able to meet Odawa Casino Resort internal training requirements. Must be able to obtain a gaming license in accordance to the regulations established by the LTBB Gaming Regulatory Commission.
A Team Member who resigns with proper notice may apply for rehire after 6 months from the effective date of their termination.
A Team Member who has their employment terminated by any gaming facility or who resigns without proper notice may be eligible for rehire subject to the following schedule:
1st occurrence must wait one year from the effective date of termination or resignation without proper notice
2nd occurrence must wait three years from the most recent effective date of termination or resignation without proper notice
Any occurrence beyond the 2nd must wait five years from the most recent effective date of termination or resignation without proper notice
Please note that occurrences do not reset regardless of length of time between them.
A Team Member whose employment is terminated as a result of not being able to return to work upon exhaustion of the Fair Employment Leave will be eligible for rehire without a waiting period once they have been released back to work by a qualified physician.
A Seasonal Team Member whose employment is terminated will be eligible for rehire without a waiting period if they successfully complete their most recent seasonal employment.
Must not be currently on a Security Ban from Odawa Casino during the time of application.
To apply for any Dual Rate positions the applicant must be currently employed and in good standing with OCR.
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